We’re not sure how many of you guys actually wished that your iPhone had a secondary display, although we’re pretty sure that there could be a number of uses that could turn this novel idea into a functional one, and that’s what the folks behind the popSLATE iPhone case is hoping to do. The popSLATE case is basically a case for your iPhone that comes with an e-ink screen at the back of it. This screen will change to whatever design you can cook up with using the app. The case will use the Lightning connector in your iPhone to transfer the data and to power it, and since it is e-ink, it is not expected to drain too much battery and will only use power when the image changes.

The team behind popSLATE will also be releasing an API so that developers can come up with apps that will integrate the use of the e-ink display. It sounds like a pretty good idea and like the folks at GigaOM have pointed out, the secondary display can be used as a means to run two apps at once, perhaps one for reading your Kindle books or iBooks, and the main screen for something else. popSLATE is currently an Indiegogo project so if you’d like to see it made a reality, head on over to its page and pledge your support.

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