One of rather annoying features on iOS prior to iOS 5 was the notification system in which new messages or alerts showed up rather intrusively, but thankfully come iOS 5, banner notifications were introduced which were less intrusive. While banner notifications could be less intrusive, they still aren’t exactly the most ideal as it would require the user to switch apps to reply to a message or email. However Sentry over at The Verge has come up with a rather interesting concept that will make those banner and system notifications a bit more friendly. Basically his concept, as pictured above, would allow the user to send a reply to a message directly from within the notification itself. What this will do is that it keeps the user within the app they are running, while still being able to attend to messages that might need replying straight away. With Jonny Ive leading the charge now with the design for the iOS UI, many are expecting that he will bring to the table the same things he has brought to Apple hardware and this is most certainly an idea we wouldn’t mind seeing implemented, wouldn’t you?

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