I have yet to lose the amazement at reading some of the tweets that folks, er, tweet about, and the most recent faux pas that I read came from the United Nations themselves in the form of a typo, touching on the sensitivities of a 1-state solution in the Middle East concerning Israel and Palestine, before an apology was issued. Well, the Volume And Noise is a creation by artist Sean Hathaway as part of a social-media-themed project, where it will bring Twitter and one of the oldest forms of communication together.

Constructed within the casework of a 1930s vintage Philco radio, Hathaway’s idea of fusing both generations together rely on an Arduino processor to pick up some tweets, followed by reading them aloud thanks to a text to speech program. Individual tweets will be read in a different voice so that one can differentiate between them, and Sean even threw in static and AM radio tuning noises for that added bit of reality. No idea on how irritating it can be to listen in on random tweets, but at least you have the choice of playing around with the Tweets Per Minute knob that lets you control the frequency of tweets being read.

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