If you are a huge fan of the sci-fi Doctor Who series, then you will be well pleased to hear that a fan based in the US has come up with a model of the Tardis which was specially designed to look bigger on its inside compared to the outside. Greg Kumparak decided that he is no match for the laws of physics, and decided to rely instead on the wonders of augmented reality (AR) to get the job done. The actual interior of his DIY Tardis wooden model features a zebra-striped fabric which is downright weird, but when you hold up a smartphone in front of it that runs an AR app, it will show off a rather spacious interior that has been specially modelled on the ninth and tenth Doctors’ time machine.

The exterior of this DIY Tardis has been lovingly carved out of wood, followed by a blue coat of paint (you did not expect red, did you?), alongside a working light that has been attached to its top, before he decided to embark on something different by creating the illusion that the inside was huge. Greg said, “There’s a running gag in Doctor Who, wherein new characters are always dumbstruck by the Tardis being bigger on the inside than it appeared on the outside. Once I realised I had a rough idea of how to pull that off, I couldn’t not do it.”

Good for you, Greg!

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