Be thankful that you are not allergic at all to any kind of food, as there are some folks out there who could actually endanger their lives if they were to consume some peanuts, let alone come into contact with it. Well, when you are out in the big, bad world, eating food that is prepared by someone whom you do not know, you cannot be too careful. Perhaps if you had some sort of handheld device, it would help – and this is where the food allergy smartphone dock comes in handy, thanks to researchers over at UCLA who came up with this tiny and handy device.

It will work alongside a smartphone to detect common food allergens, and will not weigh you down on your travels since it tips the scales at under 2 ounces, and is capable of detecting chemical traces of peanuts, almonds, eggs, gluten and hazelnuts. This device does not only deliver positive/negative results, but it will also display allergen concentrations in parts per million (ppm). Definitely a niche smartphone accessory, that’s for sure.

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