Ever since Tim Cook spoke about the future of television with NBC’s Brian Williams during his Rock Center program, the Internet has gone into an absolute tizzy as everyone is speculating Apple will be announcing an Apple HDTV product sometime next year. That is, everyone by former Apple executive, Jean-Louis Gassee.

Gassee took a look at the prospect of an Apple HDTV in a weekly column at Monday Note. In the column, he takes a closer look at Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments and declares industry watchers have taken them wrong and have blown them out of proportion.

“I simply don’t believe Apple will make, or even wants to make, a TV set”

Instead of a dedicated television, Gassee believes Apple’s future in the living room lies instead within its Apple TV product, which the company already has big plans for its future. Gassee also believes Tim Cook’s comments on Rock Center should be seen as Apple giving notice to its consumers, content-providers and competitors it has big plans for the future to TV. Either way, Apple’s future will certainly be one we’ll all be watching.

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