HTC has put out some pretty nice phones to date, but we guess it wasn’t enough as there have been reports that the Taiwanese company is in a bit of financial trouble. Now it seems that if you are looking forward to purchasing HTC smartphones come 2013, don’t be surprised if it becomes a bit harder to find HTC phones in stock. According to Digitimes, in an effort to help tighten their purse strings, HTC has reportedly cut new smartphone model shipments for Q1 of 2013. In fact the report has also suggested that HTC might have cut the development of some of their upcoming models in a bid to save money. This seems to corroborate earlier reports that HTC scrapped their plans for a large screen Windows Phone device, although at that time it seems that the decision to abandon the project was due to resolution issues, not so much fiscal. Digitimes goes on to claim that HTC’s projected shipment has since been cut in half, down from 20-30% to 10-15%.

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