iPhone 5S Concept Incorporates Four Pico Projectors

I have to admit I love concept phones simply because of all the rather creative features that can be put into it – some of them might not be feasible with today’s technology, and some are, but it’s nice to imagine what a phone could have been like anyway. Well if you’re wondering what the future might hold for the iPhone, at least as far as a fan’s imagination can take it, Frank_Snk has imagined an iPhone 5S concept in which the phone will incorporate four pico projects – two of which will be used to project a full-sized keyboard on a flat surface, and the other two to project a display in which a full unadulterated version of OS X will be running. The top and bottom portion of the iPhone 5S can be pulled out to activate the projectors, with an app running the whole show. We have to wonder what sized battery it has to use if it hopes to perform all of that, but then again that’s pretty much the beauty of concept phones – it doesn’t always have to make sense.

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