While other Android manufacturers are busy targeting Apple with in their promotions or ad campaigns, basically boasting how some of their features are more superior than Apple’s, Motorola on the other hand seems content at playing both sides having targeted Samsung recently in a promotion that claims that the Droid RAZR HD is better than the Galaxy S3. Now it seems that in their latest ad posted on Facebook, they seem to have LG in their sights with their new promotion claiming that the Droid RAZR HD is a faster device, along with its design of the poster that is reminiscent of LG’s new ad. For those who missed it, LG recently launched a new promotion in which they show off their LG Optimus G slicing/bursting through an Apple, which can be inferred as LG “destroying” the competition. At the end of the day, we guess Motorola is trying to say not only are they better than Apple, but they’re better than their Android competition too – what do you guys think? Are Motorola’s Android offerings superior than the rest?

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