Mitsubishi has long been a name associated with big-screen rear projection TVs, and they are associated as being the last stand for DLP displays. I guess one can only hold out that long, as Mitsubishi has finally announced that they will no longer be churning out DLP displays as part of a corporate restructuring process. Mitsubishi Electrical Visual Solutions America, Inc. (MEVSA), which is the group who is bossting the RPTV and other video product lines that target not only residential but commercial markets as well, has recently sent out a letter to inform authorized service centers that they are to discontinue “the manufacture of 73”, 82” and 92” DLP projection televisions.”

All good things must come to an end, don’t you think so? Having said that, someone should come up with a story on the evolution of TVs, and how the entire DLP TV as well as Rear Projection TV business came into being, and how it rode off into the sunset, with LED and other flat screen display technologies giving it a salute.

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