We’re sure that everyone values their privacy, but some might value it more than others. So an interesting question is would you be willing to share your driving data in exchange for gifts? That’s something that Mitsubishi wants to know as the company has recently launched a mobile app that lets drivers earn rewards by sharing driving data.

This driving data would be shared with insurance companies and for drivers that are willing to share this information, they will be given badges in which it can be exchanged for rewards. It also seems that obeying the rules of the road, such as staying within speed limits and avoiding sudden braking will be rewarded, where drivers could receive discounts on oil changes and also accessories. There would also be smaller gifts such free coffee and gift cards.

It’s an intriguing idea and it isn’t the first time that companies have come up with similar ideas. For example we have seen in the past how some insurance companies have enticed customers to work out by giving them a free Apple Watch, where monthly payments for the device would be waived if they were to meet certain exercise goals.

However the downside to this program is that you would be giving up some of your privacy in the process as insurers would then have access to your driving patterns and information. However if you don’t think that this is a particularly big deal then this could be worth checking out.

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