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Mitsubishi Eyes Virtual Reality As A Vehicle For Trading Stocks
#CEATEC2018 – When you watch TV shows or movies about stock trading, they usually show a room where there are tons of screens. This is because there is so much information to keep track of that multiple screens are necessary if traders hope to stay on top of the game. Of course such a setup wouldn’t really be realistic for home traders.

Mitsubishi Wants Your Driving Data In Exchange For Gifts
We’re sure that everyone values their privacy, but some might value it more than others. So an interesting question is would you be willing to share your driving data in exchange for gifts? That’s something that Mitsubishi wants to know as the company has recently launched a mobile app that lets drivers earn rewards by sharing driving data.

Mitsubishi Motors Admits To Manipulating Fuel Tests
Last year a huge scandal broke when carmaker Volkswagen admitted to cheating on its diesel emissions tests. Basically the results that were shown on the benchmarks differed greatly from that of real world testing. Now that it’s 2016, it looks like we might have a new scandal on our hands and this time it comes from Mitsubishi Motors.

SeaAerial Uses Seawater As Antenna
Seawater is a very good conductor for electricity, and we have seen enough electrocution scenes in the movies to know this. Well, in real life, are there any other kinds of uses for water? Apparently so, as Mitsubishi of Japan has stepped forward to introduce the SeaAerial – where it relies on a column of seawater that has been sprayed into the air, using that sprayed water to function as […]


Japan's First Commercial Jet Makes Maiden Flight
Boeing and Airbus are both the undisputed kings of commercial aviation but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to face any competition. China recently rolled out its own commercial jet, and while that won’t take to the skies for at least a couple of years, Japan’s first commercial jet has made its maiden flight today. The jet has been made by Mitsubishi, a company you might be familiar with, since […]

Mitsubishi Using Artificial Intelligence To Make Drivers Safer
Road accidents still cause a tremendous amount of tragedy all across the globe, often one or more drivers might be at fall while other times it may be events beyond the driver’s control. The fact is that until self-driving cars are not perfected with cars communicating to each other and making sure that there are no accidents there’s still much work to be done to ensure that drivers are safer on […]

Mitsubishi Early Warning Tsunami System
[CEATEC 2015] If you have lived through the huge earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011 in Japan, then you would know how terrifying the event was – especially if you were a victim and not just a citizen of Japan, safe in a totally different prefecture. Life still has to go on for the survivors, where those who once heeded the call of the sea for their living are now […]

3D Reconstruction Made Easy With Mitsubishi
[CEATEC 2015] If you have ever worked with 3D modeling software before, you would know for sure that it is no walk in the park at all. Well, while it has become a whole lot easier than ever before, this does not mean that it is simple enough for any Tom, Dick and Harry to master 3D modeling software overnight. Reconstructing a scene can also be a tough assignment, as […]

Mitsubishi Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Is A Modern Marvel
[CEATEC 2015] When it comes to us humans, we are always on the lookout for better ways of doing things, being more efficient and all that jazz. After all, it makes perfect sense – why bother being stuck with the old, when you can have something that is not only newer, but better? The study of astronomy has been an area of knowledge for a long, long time now, and […]

Mitsubishi Quasi-Zenith Satellite System Ups The Accuracy Ante
[CEATEC 2015] GPS has evolved from being a military technology to benefit the rest of humanity when it comes to navigation – as well as to hail a cab, where the accuracy that falls within the range of a few meters are good enough for everyday use. However, if there is any way to make things more accurate, why not? Mitsubishi has showcased the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) which is […]

Mitsubishi Satellites Set To Make Life Better...For Everyone
[CEATEC 2014] Sending a satellite into space is definitely a huge achievement for any nation, and Japan is an old hand at this particular endeavor. In fact, thanks to the likes of Mitsubishi Electric who have come up with their fair share of satellites, life will never be the same again. Basically, the TURKSAT-4A Turkish communications satellite will be able to deliver an even greater level of detail and accuracy […]

Mitsubishi Reveals Multi-modal Character-Input Interface For Chinese Language Car Navigation Systems
Mitsubishi has just announced that they will be offering a multi-modal character-input interface for Chinese language car navigation systems, targeting such next generation systems. This human-machine interface (HMI) is able to accepts not only QuanPin but ShuangPin input as well through the use of PinYin phonetic symbols. Apart from that, it is also able to recognize handwriting and audible commands, giving you a grand total of four input modes. With […]

Mitsubishi EMIRAI 2 Concept Car To Go On Display At Tokyo Motor Show
Nearly a couple of years ago, we were treated to a look at the EMIRAI conceptual car interface from Mitsubishi. Well, it has been two years since, and we are pleased to announce that Mitsubishi themselves have come up with some progress concerning this concept. In fact, the EMIRAI 2 will be a whole concept car by itself, and if you happen to make your way to the Tokyo Motor […]

Mitsubishi Car Display System Sports Free Form Screen
[CEATEC 2013] In-vehicle technology has certainly progressed by a fair amount these days, where we are starting to see Heads Up Display units being integrated in various ways depending on the manufacturer, not to mention a futuristic looking driving cockpit that is further augmented by the use of a smartphone. One thing is for sure, the kind of interactivity which we have with our devices are a whole lot more […]

Mitsubishi 100Gbps Optical Network Interconnect
[CEATEC 2013] I do admit, nobody in this day and age would miss those good old days when you had to actually own a landline in order to connect to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider. Remember the username and password that were required before dialing it? Your ears subsequently met with a shrill shriek of the modem, and if you had a 56k modem then, it was the […]

Mitsubishi 4K LaserVue LCD TV
[CEATEC 2013] Mitsubishi has paraded their 4K LaserVue LCD TV on the CEATEC showfloor, and while there was a “No photography allowed” sign shown, it seemed that nobody bothered to enforce this particular request, so here we are with a photo of Mitsubishi’s very first attempt at a 4K LCD TV. Of course, this remains as a prototype at this point in time, where it has a release date that […]

Mitsubishi's $3500 Air Conditioner Uses Infrared To Cool You Down
Summer is nearly behind us here in the northern hemisphere on this planet we call earth, which means we’ll soon be using our air conditioners for one last time prior to switching to heaters in order to survive the blistering cold we’ll soon be experiencing. After seeing Mitsubishi’s upcoming air conditioner, we can’t wait for summer to make its triumphant return.

Mitsubishi Works On Wireless Remote Charging For Electric Vehicles
When it comes to a fully electric vehicle, it is without a doubt that its power reserves would carry the greatest interest among potential customers – will it be able to last long on the road? After all, charging stations for electric vehicles are not exactly commonplace at this point in time, but that does not mean they are non-existent. Arguments concerning long distance electric car trips would continue to […]

Mitsubishi Concept CA-MiEV Unveiled
Mitsubishi and the electric car is a story that has been well hashed where the Mitsubishi i-MiEV is concerned, but folks who have seen (much less driven it) would know that the i-MiEV is not famous for two things – namely, the looks as well as range. Well, it does seem to me as though there is hope yet with the introduction of the Concept CA-MiEV. Sporting flat-packed, high-density 28kWh […]

Mitsubishi Electric Free-form Screen Car Display System Developed
Mitsubishi Electric has come up with something interesting – a free-form screen car display system which is capable of projecting images on different kinds of screen, be they curve, oval or triangle in shape, in order to match the interior layouts of future vehicles. Basically, this prototype car display system will be powered by an optical engine which is capable of projecting images on curved, oval or triangular screens, in […]