seaarialSeawater is a very good conductor for electricity, and we have seen enough electrocution scenes in the movies to know this. Well, in real life, are there any other kinds of uses for water? Apparently so, as Mitsubishi of Japan has stepped forward to introduce the SeaAerial – where it relies on a column of seawater that has been sprayed into the air, using that sprayed water to function as a radio transceiver antenna. The whole idea behind the SeaAerial is this – it is meant to see action at sea or along shorelines, and has been touted by Mitsubishi to be the first first seawater antenna in the world that is able to receive digital terrestrial broadcasts, now how about that?

Radio frequencies that get longer would result in weaker signals, which is why the antenna would need to be longer to capture those signals. Larger antennae results in a higher cost, not to mention additional amount of time required to build, and are far from being portable. Imagine instead, the SeaAerial – all you need would be a pump to get the job done, and moving the antenna is a matter of relocating the pump.

Mitsubishi’s innovation with the SeaAerial would be the inclusion of an insulated nozzle that will do its bit to transmit the radio signal to the saltwater plume. [Press Release]

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