Road accidents still cause a tremendous amount of tragedy all across the globe, often one or more drivers might be at fall while other times it may be events beyond the driver’s control. The fact is that until self-driving cars are not perfected with cars communicating to each other and making sure that there are no accidents there’s still much work to be done to ensure that drivers are safer on the road. Mitsubishi is using artificial intelligence for precisely this purpose.

Japan based Mitsubishi Group’s subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new technology which uses machine learning to detect when the driver is feeling tired or is not paying full attention to the road.

The technology is said to be a first in the automotive industry, the artificial intelligence is based on machine learning algorithms which rapidly analyze data such as speed and steering from the car and compare it with driver behavior which include the head’s orientation and the heart rate.

The artificial intelligence uses all of this data to predict the driver’s actions, it compares that with a normal driving condition that’s based on data collected from previous journeys. If the system sees that something is amiss it will immediately alert the driver.

Mitsubishi’s new technology has not yet made it to production cars however the company will demonstrate it at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. It’s expected that 2019 model Mitsubishi cars might feature this artificial intelligence technology.

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