About a week ago it seems that a parent had named their baby “Hashtag”, which we assume was based on the #hashtag which has been popularized by Twitter. That being said with the rapid increase of technology being prevalent in our everyday lives, we guess it’s not surprising that parents are starting to name their kids after products or services, and according to Baby Center, some of the more popular choices of names in 2012 have been inspired by Apple. According to Baby Center, naming a girl baby “Apple” has risen in popularity by 15%, while naming a baby boy “Mac” has risen by 12%. Interestingly it seems that Siri seems to have made the cut for baby girls and has seen an increase in popularity by 5%.  Rather interesting choices although we’re not sure if your kids might appreciate it when they’re older – what do you guys think? Any Apple fans out there who might be willing to name their newborn baby after one of the Cupertino company’s products or services?

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