If you tend to travel a whole lot, then it is not too advisable to have pets around the home. After all, being a responsible pet owner includes caring for them, looking out for their every need, and basically to ensure that your pet has its meals on a regular basis, with plenty of fresh water to boot. For folks who still want a cat or dog and yet tend to live out of a suitcase, the Pintofeed automated pet feeder will be connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet, and using your smartphone’s display, it can dispense meals at a touch on the right button.

Capable of holding food of up to 5lbs or 10lbs in capacity, the Pintofeed is a quick learner, picking up your pet’s meal pattern after a while, where the built-in algorithm will then create a personalized schedule, and will even notifying you of feeding sessions using SMS, Twitter or Facebook. Right now, it is an IndieGoGo project, and you will have to pledge $100 if you want something like this to be in your hands assuming it achieves adequate funding in due time.

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