I guess you can call the Raspberry Pi as the little computer that could. After all, it was just earlier yesterday when we covered a DIY Raspberry Pi Linux-powered notebook, and here we are with the Raspberry Pi under the spotlight yet again. This time around, this $25 piece of marvelous electrical engineering has been used to construct a DIY cellular phone tower, thanks to PA Consulting in the UK.

Yes sir, we are talking about a 30-foot tall GSM cell base-station that would normally cost a bomb, but a team of motivated (and obviously brilliant) engineers managed to recreate its functionality with the help of some open-source software and a Raspberry Pi. Heck, one can even make calls and send text messages over the created network, although the coverage of the radio signal had to be cut in order to not to interfere with local carriers’ spectrum. What other Raspberry Pi projects out there would you like to see?

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