Going solar is definitely an alternative power supply that we should not only explore, but attempt to put theory into practice whenever and wherever possible, and Signal Snowboards as well as Powerfilm Solar have come together to harness the possibilities of flexible solar panels by attaching these onto a snowboard, creating a working solar array in the process. This solar-powered snowboard was fitted with dual sheets of solar panels that have been specially cut to fit the board’s shape, where it is then connected to a converter that has been mounted onto the middle of the board. The final product? A couple of rechargeable batteries which is more than capable of delivering power to a range of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones alike.

The contraption might not seem to be too practical at first glance, but considering how snowboarders do spend plenty of time on sunny slopes at high altitudes, this combination makes plenty of sense. If you are an avid snowboarder, you too, would want to make sure that the rest of the electronics that you tote around would also have enough juice to last the distance, don’t you?

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