It was reported earlier that Windows Phone 7.8 started to arrive on select Nokia smartphones of the Lumia range, and both Nokia and Microsoft were pretty quiet regarding the matter without making any kind of announcement as it was deemed to have been released rather early. Well, with the updates sitting on Nokia’s servers, just about anything should be possible. The thing is, some of the devices did receive the update, but apparently, this update was made available only to pre-production and early non-branded devices, which tend to be the ones that reviewers have. However, it seems that this particular Windows Phone 7.8 release has arrived only on certain IMEI numbers, which means only a select few enjoy this operating system treat at the moment.

I guess for the rest of us, we will just have to play the waiting game until early next year, while the folks at Microsoft prepare to roll out Windows Phone 7.8, and that would mean there is no early Christmas for folks who are eligible for the update.

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