I don’t know about you, but I would like to take this bit of reported information with more than just a pinch of salt – an entire packet might do the trick though. It seems that support will continue to pour through for Windows Phone 7.8 at least until September 2014, while it would be July 2014 for Windows Phone 8.0. Hmmm, something does not sound quite right there, can you put a finger on it?

The table above shows that Microsoft has indicated that Windows Phone 7.8 will continue to receive support until 9.9.2014, whereas folks who are rocking to Windows Phone 8 have gotten the shorter end of the proverbial stick, with support ending at 7.8.2014. The updates that Microsoft will make available for your smartphone’s operating system will comprise of security updates, and the distribution of such updates could very well be restricted by the mobile operator or the phone manufacturer. Does this mean that Windows Phone 7.9 is in for a shout? I really am unable to answer such a question, but we can more or less be sure that Windows Phone 8 has its fair share of variants in the pipeline, ready and waiting to be introduced.

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