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AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone 7.8 Update Out Now
Nokia Lumia 900, the Finnish manufacturer’s previous flagship Windows Phone smartphone, finally starts receiving the Windows Phone 7.8 update today. AT&T customers who’re still using this smartphone will be receiving this update, which brings a number of new features as well as improvements. The update’s roll-out was announced earlier today via a tweet from the official Nokia Care U.S. account. Windows Phone 7.8 update for AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 is now available through the […]

Windows Phone 7.8 To Receive Support Until September 2014
I don’t know about you, but I would like to take this bit of reported information with more than just a pinch of salt – an entire packet might do the trick though. It seems that support will continue to pour through for Windows Phone 7.8 at least until September 2014, while it would be July 2014 for Windows Phone 8.0. Hmmm, something does not sound quite right there, can […]

Windows Phone 7.8 Update Build 8860 Could Have Tile Bug Fix
Windows Phone 7.8 has had its fair share of issues in the past when it first rolled out, including one that saw it consume plenty of data that irked those who were on a limited data plan. Well, there were also other issues that accompanied this long awaited update, which would include the system’s live tiles acting up erratically. It did not take too long before Microsoft thought it better […]

Dell Venue Pro Gets Windows Phone 7.8 Update
The Dell Venue Pro might have been relegated to being a distant memory for some by now, but if you are still hanging out with this smartphone, it is time to rejoice! It seems that the unlocked, unbranded Dell Venue Pro is now on the receiving end of the long awaited Windows Phone 7.8, giving this smartphone a boost in its aged legs for one last hurrah. Hopefully the Windows […]


T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 710 Will Be Missing Windows Phone 7.8 Update [Updated]
As we’ve noted a few times in the past, the fact that Windows Phone 7.x devices are getting passed over for the Windows Phone 8 update is most certainly a pet peeve of current Windows Phone 7.x owners. Microsoft attempted to make up for it with a Windows Phone 7.8 update and while that might appease some users, it looks like if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber with a Nokia Lumia […]

Windows Phone 7.8 Update Apparently Eats Up Plenty Of Data
You know what they say, good things come to those who wait. The unfortunate thing about this particular situation at the moment is, the Windows Phone 7.8 update took its own sweet time to arrive on older Windows Phone devices, and while it has finally arrived, not all is fine and dandy with the situation. In fact, there are reports going around online that there has been rather excessive amounts […]

Windows Phone 7.8 Update Begins Rolling Out
Following the release of Windows Phone 7.8 SDK last week, here we are with the news that Nokia is officially rolling out the Windows Phone 7.8 update to its users. This means that Windows Phone 7.5 devices will finally get new personalization features, such as the ability to resize tiles, test out the new lock screen options, and select from more theme colors. Apart from those features, Windows Phone 7.8 also brings […]

AT&T's Nokia Lumia 900 To Receive WP7.8 Update 30th January
While we’re sure many Windows 7.x owners are bummed that they are missing out on Windows Phone 8, hopefully Windows Phone 7.8 will be a good enough update to tide you guys over until you get a new phone. Now we know that Windows Phone 7.8 is currently sitting on the AT&T servers waiting to be pushed out, but when exactly will that be taking place? Well according to the […]

HTC Mozart Will Be Getting Windows Phone 7.8 Update Towards The End Of February/March
We’re sure that first-gen Windows Phone owners are a bit bummed that their phones won’t be updated to Windows Phone 8, but rather Windows Phone 7.8 instead, but then it’s better than nothing, right? Anyway according to a post by HTC (via, it seems that the company’s first-gen Windows Phone, the HTC Mozart, will actually be receiving the Windows Phone 7.8 update towards the end of February or early […]

Windows Phone 7.8 SDK Update Now Available
Microsoft has just released a Windows Phone SDK update for Windows Phone 7.8. It’s basically an optional update that brings two new Windows Phone 7.8 emulator images to the already existing SDK installation. This is good news for developers as the two images should enable them to fully test how their Windows Phone 7.5 app’s Live Tiles will look and behave when they are running on a device running Windows […]

AT&T Lumia 900 Windows Phone 7.8 Update Parked On Nokia’s Servers
It did not take too long after the announcement by Microsoft concerning the availability of the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK (software development kit) for AT&T to follow up that they have the Windows Phone 7.8 update for the Lumia 900 – although it is right now waiting for the command to bolt out of Nokia’s server doors. Listed on Nokia’s servers for the Windows Phone 7.8 update for the Lumia […]

Nokia Says Windows Phone 7.8 Update For Its Lumia Devices Is "Imminent"
Are you looking forward to Windows Phone 7.8? The update is almost bittersweet considering that Windows Phone 7.x owners would not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, thus making the update seem more or less like the next best thing. Now if you’re looking forward to receiving the 7.8 update on your Nokia Lumia device, you could be in for a wait, although that wait is expected to be short. […]

Windows Phone 7.8 For Nokia Arriving Only For Pre-Production Devices
It was reported earlier that Windows Phone 7.8 started to arrive on select Nokia smartphones of the Lumia range, and both Nokia and Microsoft were pretty quiet regarding the matter without making any kind of announcement as it was deemed to have been released rather early. Well, with the updates sitting on Nokia’s servers, just about anything should be possible. The thing is, some of the devices did receive the […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Gets Windows Phone 7.8 Officially
Well, it was not too long ago that we heard the Nokia Lumia 800 started to receive an unofficial release of the Windows Phone 7.8 operating system update, and all that waiting has not gone to waste – as the Nokia Lumia 800 has already started to receive the long awaited update to Windows Phone 7.8, also known as Tango. This particular upgrade will feature a quartet of separate updates […]