If you have spent a fair amount of time playing video games while growing up, chances are there are times when you get into an argument with your parents, only to have them blame your behavior on video games, which is why it is unsurprising to find that in a survey released by Common Sense Media, 1,050 parents were polled and interestingly an amazing 75% of them believe that yes – violent video games does contribute to actual violence. Now there has been a lot of debate in the past regarding video games and violence, although some researchers conclude that while violent video games do lead to an increase in aggression, there is no link to violent video games and violent crimes.

Some have argued that by playing violent video games, it is possible that players become “numb” to the violence which then allows them to act it out in real life without having to think too much about it, while others argue that it’s a matter of choice. What do you guys think? Why is it then that parents seem to think that violent video games do lead to violence?

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