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Apple has always tried to bill itself as a privacy-first company. They have made many statements over the years and included privacy features that have rubbed many other companies the wrong way. However, it appears that a recent survey conducted by The Washington Post has revealed some surprising results.

According to the survey, in which US internet users were asked to rate how much they trusted various tech giants and internet companies, companies such as Google and Amazon actually ranked higher in terms of trust compared to Apple. 48% of participants said that they trust Google a great deal/a good amount, while Amazon scored 53%. This is versus Apple who only scored 44%.

Like we said, the results are a bit surprising because it is known that Google collects data on users such as places they’ve been, what they’ve searched for, and so on, while Apple has actually built features into its products meant to hide those details.

However, it has been suggested that Apple plans to introduce CSAM scanning, which some have felt was a backdoor into the iPhone, could have eroded the trust that the company had built up over the years amongst its customers. The company has since removed all mention of its scanning plans from its website (which doesn’t necessarily mean they killed it), but it looks like it might be too late and Apple is probably going to need to do a lot more work if they’re hoping to regain the trust of its users again.

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