When the iPhone 13 launched, it admittedly felt rather underwhelming. While it did come with some new features like macro mode for the camera, an updated chipset, for the most part the upgrades felt marginal at most. Those coming from devices like the iPhone 12 probably had little to no reason to upgrade.

It appears that this is a sentiment that is shared by others as well, at least according to a survey conducted by SellCell. The survey involved 5,000 iPhone users over the age of 18 in the US and asked them basically how they felt about the recently announced iPhone 13 models. Based on the results of the survey, only 6.3% said that it was “extremely exciting”, while a vast majority, 46.9% specifically, said it was not at all exciting.

When you combine that with those who said that they were not very excited, we’re looking at over 60% of participants who did not seem particularly thrilled with the launch. The survey also found that only 23.3% said that they would upgrade to the iPhone 13, which is apparently a drop from the pre-launch survey which had 43.7% of survey participants indicating that they would upgrade.

That being said, we reckon Apple will probably end up still selling a bunch of iPhone 13s regardless. There are probably a bunch of iPhone users coming from much older models who are planning to upgrade, and there will also be new customers coming over from Android who might have been sold on the iPhone 13’s features, but we’ll have to wait for the numbers to find out for certain.

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