There are a variety of reasons why people choose the operating system that they do. Some choose it because it’s popular, some choose it because of influence from their friends, and some choose it because they actually know what they’re getting into. As a result no operating system would have a 100% satisfaction survey as some customers might have ended up with a platform that they do not enjoy. With that being said, a new survey from ChangeWave has found that satisfaction levels for Windows Phone owners are on the rise – in fact based on their survey, Windows Phone is currently sitting at second place at 53%, versus Android which is at third place with 48%. Unsurprisingly it seems that Apple’s iOS is still at the top of the pile at 71%.

This is pretty good news for Microsoft and their Windows Phone 8 manufacturing partners, such as Nokia who has put all of their proverbial eggs into the Windows Phone basket and are banking on it to succeed. With Windows Phone devices getting more respectable and with the ever-increasing number of apps in the Windows Phone Store, we can only imagine that satisfaction levels for the Windows Phone platform will keep rising in the future. What do you guys think? Any Windows Phone owners out there who might say otherwise?

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