Good news Diablo 3 gamers! If you’ve been looking forward to the promised PvP feature originally announced for Diablo 3, you’re in luck as com Patch 1.0.7, you will be getting a small taste of PvP. According to the official Diablo blog post, one of the highlights of Patch 1.0.7 would be the introduction of Dueling, which will allow players to duke it out against each other in a safe environment, i.e. no monsters to interrupt your battle. The duel will take place in a new PvP zone called the Scorched Chapel, and within it are four different areas that players can fight in.

At the moment it seems that dueling will support a four play FFA mode, three player FFA or one on one depending on your preference, which means that teaming up for PvP is still missing. For more hardcore players looking forward to the arena-styled PvP, we guess that feature has yet to be implemented as dueling will not be scored and there will not be any rewards from wins. According to Blizzard, “We wanted dueling to be as simple and straightforward as possible.” No word on when Patch 1.0.7 will be released, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for when it does.

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