Foursquare’s got a rabbit in the hat. It’s a map actually, an interactive map, plotted based on the volume of check-ins per area. For example, what you are seeing above is an interactive view of the number of check-ins in a place that only Foursquare knows. The bright lights are the actual locations that people love to visit, while the bright lines, as Foursquare describes it, are links between all the other places people have been too.

If you want to try, you can check out the view here and type in your city and click “Go.” You can also opt to view the map in satellite view or in a map view, just play with it if you like. Explaining why Foursquare is doing this, the company highlights three main reasons. One is to create amazing personalized recommendations. Another is to build a powerful location layer for the world. And lastly, to connect people with the places they visit.

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