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COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Found To Have Shared Data With Foursquare And Google
One of the selling points of Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification API is the emphasis on privacy, where both companies will be using anonymized data and explicit user consent. As a result, some governments are choosing not to use the Exposure Notification API due to the various restrictions Apple and Google put in place.

More Tech Companies Join The Fight To Bring Back Net Neutrality Rules
With the FCC having repealed the net neutrality rules, and with it expecting to go in effect next month, there are many companies who are fighting to bring it back. In fact six major tech companies have announced that they will be joining the fight against the FCC in order prevent the repeal from going into effect.

Foursquare Wants To Make ‘Her’ Movie A Reality
At the moment AI isn’t quite at that level where we can hold proper conversations with it. Sure, it might be able to answer your queries, but it doesn’t quite feel like you’re talking to an actual person. In the Spike Jonze movie in 2013 “Her”, it showed us a future in which one could hold deep and meaningful conversations with AI to the point where relationships could be formed.

Uber Links Up With Foursquare To Make It Easy To Find Destinations
Uber has formed a new partnership with Foursquare to make it easier for you to find your destination. Companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Samsung, Twitter, Pinterest, Apple and more rely on Foursquare Places data and now Uber will too. Under this partnership, Foursquare will be providing Points of Interest data to Uber.


Foursquare’s Marsbot Will Tell You When & Where To Eat And Drink
If you’re looking for food or drink recommendations, there are plenty of apps available for that, although right now one of the leading choices would be Foursquare. Now it seems that Foursquare wants to take things to the next level by telling its users where they can eat and drink when it thinks you are looking for a suggestion.

Foursquare Wants In On The Food Delivery Business
As you might have heard, Uber has expanded beyond just ferrying people around, to ferrying food around and right to your doorstep. Now it looks like Foursquare wants in on the action as well. While the app started out as a service that allowed users to check into locations they have visited, the platform has evolved over the years to providing reviews of said places, and now they want to […]

Apple Maps Uses Foursquare Data For Business Listings
While Apple Maps held a lot of promise at its announcement, the reality was far from what many had expected. However to be fair, over the years Apple has made various changes and improvements to the software, resulting in a maps app that is perfectly usable and reliable today, and now thanks to Foursquare, the app has recently received a boost in functionality.According to a report from MacRumors, Foursquare became […]

Foursquare Sees Mayorships Return To Swarm
I would say that the social networking world was surprised last year when it learnt that Foursquare would be breaking up into a couple of separate apps – with Swarm being the other one. Having said that, it looks like something good and classic is about to be implemented yet again – apparently, mayorships are set to make a return to swarm. I guess Foursquare took 11 months to realize […]

Foursquare Can Now Call You An Uber
The next time you’re on Foursquare trying to find out the hottest places to visit in your city, you can easily call a car to get to that location from within the app. The company has teamed up with Uber to enable users to call a car from the on-demand service, that’s already linked up with many other apps to allow the same functionality. Uber also has its own applications […]

Foursquare Might Be Acquired By Yahoo
It has been rumored in the past as well that Yahoo might be looking to acquire Foursquare. Those rumors are now gathering steam once again. There’s a new report out today which claims that Yahoo is once again looking to buy Foursquare, the company that’s behind a popular local search app as well as Swarm, a location based check-in app. There has been no official comment from both companies to take […]

Tweets To Get Detailed Location After Twitter And Foursquare Deal
Twitter is reportedly working on providing its users with relevant information, which will sit nicely with the real-time aspect of this microblogging network, and to make that happen the company wants to add a layer of detailed location information to tweets. According to a published report today Twitter and Foursquare are taking about a possible deal which could bring location to tweets next year.

Foursquare For iPad Released
Foursquare isn’t really the product it used to be when it first came out. A few months back the company made some very significant changes by unbundling the check-in features to an entirely new app, and revamping the original Foursquare app to serve enhanced discovery and exploration features. Having gone through all of those phases the official Foursquare app for iPad has finally been released.

15 Million Tastes Added To New Foursquare
The all new Foursquare was revealed just yesterday, and in such a short matter of time, this latest update to the app has seen a whopping 15 million “tastes” in a matter of just 24 hours. Yes sir, this is quite an achievement really, with the new Foursquare app starting off with just a relative pittance of 25,000 “taste” keywords in the first place.

New Foursquare App Tracks Your Location Even When It Is Closed
One of the ways apps like Foursquare or Facebook know where you are is through GPS. This is how you are able to locate nearby restaurants or places where you can check-in. This seems like an on-demand kind of service where it will only pull your location when you want it to. However according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, that might no longer be the case […]