Uber has formed a new partnership with Foursquare to make it easier for you to find your destination. Companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Samsung, Twitter, Pinterest, Apple and more rely on Foursquare Places data and now Uber will too. Under this partnership, Foursquare will be providing Points of Interest data to Uber.

Uber and Foursquare already have a working relationship. The ride-hailing service has been integrated into the Foursquare app since a year, making it very easy to call an Uber from inside the Foursquare app.

The Points of Interest data that Foursquare will be providing Uber includes everything from locations and names of restaurants to local businesses. This is a global, multi-year partnership that both companies have agreed to. In the United States, Foursquare will have exclusivity with respect to new POI suppliers for a limited time.

All of this data will help enhance Uber’s rider and driver experience. It will enable Uber to improve, customize and increase the breadth of Foursquare’s non-personal POI location data. For riders, this means that the app will be better at finding specific locations when they punch in the name of a restaurant or location.

“With the ability to customize location data, we can make the user experience even better for Uber riders and drivers around the globe,” said Emil Michael, Uber’s Business Officer.

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