With the FCC having repealed the net neutrality rules, and with it expecting to go in effect next month, there are many companies who are fighting to bring it back. In fact six major tech companies have announced that they will be joining the fight against the FCC in order prevent the repeal from going into effect.

These tech companies joining the fight include Foursquare, Etsy, Expa, Shutterstock, Kickstarter, and Automattic (who owns WordPress.com). Together they will be challenging the FCC’s new order and will be filing a petition with the Court of Appeals and will request that the court review the FCC’s decision.

According to Marc Ellenbogen, Foursquare’s chief compliance officer and general counsel, “We believe that everyone has the right to access information on places, spaces and people, and that business leaders and brands need to be able to interpret trends and patterns as they truly exist.”

These tech companies aren’t alone in trying to prevent the rules from being repealed. Previously it was reported that Senator Ed Markey announced that there are plans to introduce a resolution that could restore the rules. Individual states have also announced that they will be implementing their own rules.

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