At the moment AI isn’t quite at that level where we can hold proper conversations with it. Sure, it might be able to answer your queries, but it doesn’t quite feel like you’re talking to an actual person. In the Spike Jonze movie in 2013 “Her”, it showed us a future in which one could hold deep and meaningful conversations with AI to the point where relationships could be formed.

That is the kind of future, as soon as next year, that Foursquare’s creators are trying to accomplish. Speaking on the latest episode of the Recode Decode podcast hosted by Kara Swisher, Foursquare’s co-founder Dennis Crowley and CEO Jeff Glueck spoke about how the company is thinking about the everyday user, referencing the movie “Her” in the process.

According to Crowley, “Imagine a friend is walking alongside you. Can we make a personality like that, that talks to you in that sense? It’s not 30 years out. We’re going to be playing with this stuff a year from now. I want to make that Scarlett Johansson that whispers in your ear, but it’s all about local places and local discovery. I want to replicate the experience of walking through the city with a friend that knows the city inside and out, and I want to make that for millions of people.”

However the question is do we want to have these types of conversations with AI to begin with? What do you guys think?

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