There have been a ton of rumors surrounding a possible cheaper iPhone which could be launched later this year which could also sport a plastic body. Whether Apple launches such a device remains to be seen, but as far as ex-Apple executives are concerned, former CEO John Sculley during an interview with Bloomberg Television said that Apple will need to take the idea of cheaper smartphones seriously. He believes that the smartphone market in developed countries such as the US have already been saturated and that the Cupertino company needs to turn their attention to emerging markets where there are a ton of customers they have yet to tap into, and whose customers might not be able to afford high-end handsets like the iPhone 5 which is considered to be a premium.

Companies such as Samsung and Nokia deal with both high-end and low-end devices, allowing them to operate in both developed markets as well as emerging ones. Granted the low-end smartphones look pretty boring and outdated to most of us, their cheaper price point allows both Samsung and Nokia to capture a larger market. Apple has always been known as a premium sort of retailer, so making cheaper products does seem a little out of Apple’s typical way of doing business, but with the ever-changing business scene, perhaps Apple might want to start looking outside the box. What do you guys think?

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