A couple of days ago Lenovo revealed the Ideaphone K5 Android smartphone, and while the company might not be a name that pops to mind when thinking about smartphones, it looks like Lenovo might already be considering their next smartphone which could be running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform. This was revealed by Lenovo’s senior executive JD Howard who stated that the company was “considering” producing a Windows Phone device which is by no means a confirmation, so don’t get all excited just yet. He stated that Lenovo will be going where the market is the strongest at the moment which leaves pretty much Android unless of course Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 manages to catch up quickly. Howard cited reasons such as OS security as one of the reasons why the company is considering Windows Phone, a move which they hope will quell the fears of some customers who might be worried about their Android devices being vulnerable to attacks. In any case it seems that a proposal has already been put forward, but as to whether it gets the green light remains to be seen, although we’re sure that Windows Phone users wouldn’t mind more options to choose from.

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