The other day we reported on the rumors that LG was halting production of the Nexus 4 which on some level might be able to explain why the Nexus 4 is continuously out of stock. Well the good news for Nexus 4 hopefuls is that if you still have your eye on the smartphone, LG has come forward denied those rumors, claiming that production of the Nexus 4 is going on without a hitch and that rumors of any issues with supply were false. LG has also stated that they will not be releasing the Nexus 5 at Google I/O later this year, which was also part of the previous rumors which suggested that the reason behind the halt was because LG wanted to begin production on the Nexus 5, or whatever the next-gen Nexus handset will be called. At this point in time it has become pretty difficult to order a Nexus 4 from Google Play and there is no word on when stock will be replenished, so we guess Nexus 4 hopefuls will either have to turn to carriers, third-party websites like eBay or just play the waiting game.

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ProductNexus 4Nexus 5
Display Diagonal (inches)4.7" (11.9cm)4.95" (12.6cm)
Megapixel Count8 Megapixel8 Megapixel
Battery Capacity (mAh)2100 mAh2300 mAh
Processor/Soc NameSnapdragonSnapdragon 800
RAM Options2 GB,2 GB,
Street Price$115 Google Nexus 4 on Amazon$185 Google Nexus 5 on Amazon
Link to full specsGoogle Nexus 4 Full specs and detailsGoogle Nexus 5 Full specs and details
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