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These Nexus Devices Won't Get Android 7.0 Nougat
Google announced yesterday that it has finally released Android 7.0 Nougat. Now it’s going to be a long wait for most Android users as they wait for the update to go through their OEMs and carriers before it’s finally released for them. However, those who own Nexus devices will get the update immediately. There are a couple of Nexus devices that are not eligible for the update to Nougat and […]

Nexus 5 Volume Control Bug Fix Promised By Google
Nexus 5 owners who quickly installed the latest security update found that it brings something they would rather not have on their device. Countless users have been complaining about a Nexus 5 volume control bug ever since they updated their handsets to the latest security release. Google has acknowledged the problem and has promised that it’s going to send out an update soon which is going to bring a fix […]

Google Lists End-Of-Life Dates For Its Nexus Handsets
The advantage to buying a Nexus handset is that you’re kind of buying a phone from the same company that makes its operating system. This means that in terms of support you can contact Google, and also future Android updates are more or less guaranteed to make its way to your handset first.

Android N For The Nexus 5 Is Still A Possibility
When Google released the developer preview of Android N, the handsets and devices with the software included the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, the Pixel C, and the Android One handset. Missing from that list is the Nexus 5 which was released back in 2013, making it a 3-year old device.


Google Claims LG Is The Best Nexus Engineering Partner
When building Nexus phones, Google does not manufacture the handsets themselves. Instead they turn to their various partners in the Android industry who will then typically bid for the right to make Nexus devices for the year. So far we have seen Nexus handsets from the likes of HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Huawei.However it would seem that out of all the handset manufacturers, Google seems to think that LG […]

Some T-Mobile Nexus 5 Facing Reception Issues Post-Android 6.0 Update
If you have the Nexus 5 on T-Mobile’s network and are thinking of updating to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, maybe you should hold off on it first. According to reports on Reddit, it seems that the handset is facing reception issues after the update. In a reply by a T-Mobile rep, the problem has since been reported internally.Now we should point out that not all Nexus 5 handsets on T-Mobile are […]

T-Mobile Rolls Out Security Updates For Nexus Devices
A handful of Nexus devices on T-Mobile are receiving a new software update today but they don’t bring any major features to the table, rather these updates are security-related and patch up various bugs to ensure that users continue to have a safe experience. T-Mobile has started rolling out the updates over-the-air and they should go live for all devices across all regions later today.

Latest Render Gives Good Look At LG's New Nexus 5
LG fans have anxiously been waiting to see what the company has up its sleeve, it’s expected to unveil the new Nexus 5 later this month. We have been hearing about this device for quite some time now and while there have been some leaks the one render that’s appeared online now gives a very good look at the back of this handset, provided that it is what it claims […]

LG 'Nexus 5X' Reportedly Coming September 29th For $400
A new report has been published today which claims that LG’s new Nexus handset is coming later this month, apparently it will be called “Nexus 5X” and it will be slightly more expensive than the original Nexus 5. LG isn’t the only company making a Nexus smartphone this year, it has been reported countless times that Huawei is building another one which is going to be priced competitively against leading high-end […]

More Details About New Nexus 5 Leaked
It has been rumored quite a few times now that Google is going to launch two new Nexus smartphones this year, one developed with LG and the other with Huawei. More information has been leaked today about the new Nexus 5 that Google is supposedly developing with LG, including information about the possible price range as well as the specifications of this device.

Sprint Releases Stagefright Fix For Nexus And Samsung Devices
You might have heard about Stagefright recently, it’s a relatively new vulnerability discovered in Android that can allow an attacker to gain control of a device remotely by simply sending a video in a MMS message. Google recently confirmed that it was working on a fix which would be deployed soon. Sprint has already released said fix for Galaxy Note 4 and today it’s sending it out for some Nexus and […]

LG “Confirmed” To Be Building 2016’s Nexus
The LG G4 is the latest handset from LG and if the rumors are to be believed, LG will also be manufacturing 2016’s Nexus handset (or at least one of them). Presumably this will be based on the LG G4 but apparently that is not the case. According to a report from AndroidPIT, they have heard from their sources that LG has been confirmed to be building one of the […]

Mysterious Smartphone Spotted On Google’s Android Website
It is expected that later this year, we could be treated to new Nexus handsets. In fact if the rumors are to be believed, LG and Huawei will be building two Nexus handsets and according to a recent image spotted on Google’s Android website, it is possible that we might have caught a glimpse of at least one of them.This is thanks to a tip-off the folks at AndroidPIT have […]

Google’s Project Fi Successfully Activated On A Nexus 5
Earlier this year Google announced Project Fi which is the company’s attempt at being their own carrier, even though technically the company would be piggybacking on Sprint and T-Mobile’s network. Now Google had stated that they planned to start off slowly and at the time of launch, they stated that only the Nexus 6 was the only phone that was supported.Apparently this is because of the hardware used that allows […]