What kind of horror stories have you heard about using a GPS navigational device in the past? Well, there was this elderly lady who drove 900 miles in the wrong direction, but this one takes the cake for us so far, assuming that the GPS directions were somewhat “responsible”. According to friends of the deceased, a man’s GPS sent him to the wrong house, and the home-owner allegedly shot him dead as the latter touted that he was scared at a stranger right out at his house, describing his fear of a home invasion.

The accused, Phillip Sailors, who was 69 years old, was the one who allegedly pulled the trigger, emptying a bullet into the deceased, Rodrigo Diaz’s head. According to friends who were in Rodrigo’s car, they said that they already wanted to drive away after the first warning shot, but it was unfortunate that the second shot was aimed at them. Sailors has been charged with murder with malice, and according to Police Chief Bruce Hedley, “At this point we have established probable cause to charge Mr. Sailors.”

What do you think of this rather bizarre situation? Don’t you think that Sailors was rather too trigger happy? Let’s hope the long arm of the law will be able to dispense justice accurately and rightly.

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