We’ve seen many dedicated Minecraft players recreate worlds within the game, but now it looks like one particular Minecraft player by the name of lentebriesje is looking to recreate our planet Earth within Minecraft to a 1:1500 scale and given the size of our planet, 1:1500 would make it an extremely impressive feat. The tool lentebriesje is using is called WorldPainter, which for the non-Minecraft player is a map generator designed for Minecraft. What makes this feat even more impressive is that lentebriesje seems to be following the popular saying about how the devil is in details and he will be attempting to make each continent as accurate as possible. He has created several locations so far, such as the California Coast and the English Channel just to name a few, and if you’d like to see the rest of his work, you can head on over his image gallery for the rest of the screenshots. What do you guys think? Pretty impressive stuff, right?

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