The Nexus 7 dock was spotted a few days before Christmas last year, and all of us who own the Google Nexus 7 and are looking forward to a suitable dock for this device would definitely jump at the news of a Nexus 7 dock starting to ship…soon. At the very least, this bit of information would mean sooner rather than later, so let us keep our fingers crossed that all the celestial bodies would be aligned, and the long awaited Nexus 7 dock would finally ship from next week onwards.

Slapped with a $40 price point, this is the official dock that relies on the Nexus 7′s triple pin connector when it comes to data transmission and charging purposes. The dock will also be equipped with a 3.5mm audio out jack and a microUSB port to boot. It is rather weird that Google has yet to officially acknowledge the existence of the Nexus 7 dock in the Google Play Store, considering how this is slated to be an official accessory.

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