We did bring you word earlier this morning that there is a very distinct possibility of picking up a $99 Google Nexus 7 tablet in the near future, although that has yet to be confirmed. Having said that, why not accessorize your Nexus 7 tablet while you are at it? A mystery dock for the Nexus 7 has appeared on the Asus Japanese website, although it was depicted to be out of stock. Other e-tailers, too, did not seem to carry the stock for this device, although B&H in the US has bucked the trend by accepting pre-orders for the dock.

When converting the Japan-listed price to US dollars, it turns out to be roughly $42 thereabouts, so hopefully the rest of the world will pay somewhere in the region of that price instead of seeing an inflated price tag. It is nice to know that B&H is asking for around $40 for the dock, and stocks of the Nexus 7 dock are said to be available to the masses after Christmas on December 30th.

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