[CES 2013] As much as people enjoy the company of their family members, friends and pets, some people enjoy a good plant in their home a lot more as they are great listeners, offer beautiful visuals and require low maintenance. But if you want to take your plant serious and don’t want to spend hours learning how to properly take care of it, you may want to consider Parrot’s latest bluetooth accessory that tells you exactly how you should be taking care of your plant.

Parrot’s Flower Power is a smart wireless sensor that is combined with a dedicated mobile application to help measure a number of parameters to help its user understand their plants needs. The Flower Power accessory can measure sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer levels and transfer that information via Bluetooth Smart, which is a low-consumption technology, to Parrot Cloud. The information can then be viewed on the owner’s smartphone or tablet and compared to its library of thousands of plants so you can know exactly what your plant needs and when.

Parrot’s Flower Power will be available some time in 2013 and if you consider yourself an eco-geek who really loves plants, you might want to consider checking it out.

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