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Parrot Launches A Professional Drone Loan Program
Drones aren’t necessarily cheap, especially if they are of the industrial grade type, but without doubt, they are useful for a variety of scenarios. For example, they can be used to conduct surveys that would otherwise take a lot of hours and resources. It can also be used to make site inspections that could be dangerous for humans to attempt.

Parrot’s Latest Drone Comes With A Pair Of FPV Goggles
Piloting a drone can be a bit tricky. This is because unlike driving a car, drones are in the sky and since we’re not up there with them, we have to rely on looking down on our screens to navigate them. However, if you’d like a better and more immersive way to fly your drones, you’re in luck.

Parrot Decides To Stop Making Toy Drones
French dronemaker Parrot has decided that it’s no longer going to compete in the toy drone market. The company has confirmed that it has stopped the production and development of any drone other than the Anafi and its variations. There are no Mamo or Swing drones in stock anymore but those who want one just might be able to pick one up through retailers.

Drone Maker Parrot To Develop Recon Aircraft For The U.S. Military
Parrot, a French drone maker that has long been a competitor to China’s DJI, has now been selected to make spy aircraft for the United States military. You could hardly expect DJI to be ever selected for a Department of Defense program on account of its Chinese nationality. Parrot is one of the six companies that have been selected for this program by the U.S. Department of Defense.


Parrot Unveils Compact & Foldable Anafi 4K Drone
Drones used to be pretty big and bulky, and drone pilots who wanted to use their drones typically had special cases that they had to keep their drones in. However companies such as DJI started to introduce more compact drones, like the Mavic Air, but now it looks like Parrot might have an answer to it with the recently announced Parrot Anafi.

Parrot’s App Can Now Automatically Edit Your Drone Footage
Video editing is a skill because you don’t always need to include all the footage that you’ve recorded, just the important ones that you feel will add to the narrative. However this is a skill that is typically acquired over time, but if you don’t think you have the patience or time, not to worry.

Parrot Disco Fixed-wing Drone Review: Hands-on
The Parrot Disco launched a year ago in September 2016, and we had the opportunity to try it at launch time. The experience was a lot of fun, and the technology is quite impressive for a consumer-grade fixed-wing drone.Since then, Parrot released a Pro version of the Disco in May 2017, the Parrot Disco-Pro AG, an “end-to-end multi-purpose drone solution for small to medium-sized farms and cooperatives” according to the […]

Parrot Launches Drones Aimed At Professionals
While there are more than a few drone makers out there, it’s safe to say that DJI has the market pretty much cornered. The company makes drones for all sorts of users, ranging from the hobbyist, the enthusiast, and even professionals who might need drones for site inspections. However Parrot isn’t letting DJI hog all that market share.

Parrot's New Bebop 2 Power Drone Promises Improved Battery Life
Parrot today launched an upgraded model of its premium consumer drone. The Bebop 2 Power from Parrot promises improved battery life. It also comes with new FPV goggles. The new drone is also capable of taking smarter photos. That being said, the unique selling point of this new drone is the improved battery life. That’s what’s going to get people to spend money on it.

Parrot’s Mambo FPV Drone Let’s You Fly It First-Person Style
If you’re looking to experience what it’s like to fly a drone in a first-person perspective, then you might be interested to learn that Parrot has taken the wraps off its latest drone, the Parrot Mambo FPV which will allow drone owners to fly the drone from a first-person view, thanks to the use of a headset.

Parrot Mambo Code Bundle Will Teach Kids How To Program Drones
While topics like maths and science are still essential when it comes to the education of children, we’re starting to see how programming is also becoming something of an essential skill that kids should pick up. It’s not yet a requirement (at least not everywhere), but it is clear that learning to code could be an invaluable skill to have for the future.

Parrot Drone Division Being Downsized
Parrot is one of the many companies that’s selling drones but even though sales of these products are on the rise, its drone division appears to be performing not as well as the company would want it to. The company sent out a press release today confirming that it failed to meet its Q4 2016 target by 15 percent as it brought in 85 million euro against a target of […]

What To Expect At CES 2017Editor's Pick
The Consumer Electronics Show 2017 or CES 2017 is almost upon us (January 5-8, Las Vegas), and while many of you are preparing your New Year’s Eve, the electronics industry is gearing up for its most high-profile event of 2017 – the show’s 50th anniversary.Below is what we think you should expect from the show, but we highly recommend that you follow the hectic unfolding of CES on Ubergizmo, daily, […]

Parrot’s Drones Used To Track The Health Of Sequoia Trees
We’ve seen drones used for infrastructure work, we’ve seen it used for photography and filmmaking, and we’ve also seen it used for search and rescue efforts. Now it seems that drones can also be used to help with the study of the environment as well as to check up on the health of the current ecosystem.

Holiday Gift Guide For The Outdoors & Adventure (2016)
Most of us know that to preserve our gadgets, you probably should not be dropping them on hard surfaces, getting them wet, or taking them to places with extreme temperatures. But what does this mean for those who are more adventurous and need to go to places that aren’t exactly gadget-friendly? Thankfully there are manufacturers out there who have thought this through, and this list of gadgets might make the […]

Parrot Adds ‘Follow Me’ Functionality To Its Bebop 2 Drone
Parrot’s Bebop 2 drone was announced last year and it did come with some pretty decent features. However if you thought that was all there was to the drone, you would be wrong as the folks at Parrot have since announced that they will be adding a “Follow me” feature to the drone, which as the name suggests will let the drone track your movements and fly alongside you.

Parrot Minidrones Mambo and Swing Hands-On Review 
Parrot introduced its fixed-wing drone Parrot Disco about ten days ago, and it was on display at IFA, although unable to fly due to the space restrictions indoors.However, we were able to see a demo of the brand new Minidrones, namely the Mambo and the Swing, which were unveiled during the show.We awarded the Disco a Best of IFA Award since I was able to test it in a large […]

Ubergizmo’s Best of IFA 2016
After two very intense “Press Days”, all the major products at the IFA trade show in Berlin/Germany have been announced, looked at and covered. The best technology companies in the world took their best shot at demonstrating the value of their new products, and many are impressive, but we think that there are ten that are above all others, the Best of IFA 2016, Here they are, in no particular […]

Parrot Disco 50 mph fixed-wing Drone with Assisted Piloting
At CES 2016, Parrot unveiled Disco, its new aircraft drone, and we were quite amazed by the design of this lightweight and manta ray-inspired form factor. Today, Parrot officially launched the Disco, and we will get our hands on it.

Parrot Wants You To Create Accessories For Its Drones
Parrot is a company that’s quite well known for the drones that it makes. The company now wants you to design accessories for its latest drones, the Bebop and Minidrone, if it likes your design it’s going to produce and sell them in its stores. Obviously, the person who comes up with the design will be duly compensated.