Now here is a material that I believe, when bonded on a molecular level with a down and out scientists in a freak accident with some sort of radiation thrown into the picture, would create a decent superhero or supervillain, depending on which side of the fence you are batting on. In a nutshell, this is a new kind of reusable adhesive that is capable of liquefying and solidifying at room temperature, depending on light alone.

The new material was developed by the folks over at AIST, and it is comprised of an organic substance which allows the adhesion strength to be varied repeatedly. This is made possible through the simple act of shining light on the material, and everything will happen at the current room temperature without having to heat it up or cool it down. Once the material has solidified, it will look yellow, but should it be illuminated with UV light, it will eventually liquefies and end up in an orange shade. Definitely an interesting proposition here, being the first solid-liquid transition ever that is caused by light alone, deliberately and reversibly, all within a single substance. Now to find a practical use for it…

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