A little over a week ago we reported that Blackberry announced their plans to cease sales in Japan. Now it looks like there are new rumors from Korean news publication, Yonhap, suggesting that Blackberry could also be looking to exit the Korean market. Just like the reason Blackberry used for pulling out of the Japanese market, it seems that is why Blackberry is considering pulling out of Korea as well. Apparently there is too much competition from the likes of South Korean companies such as LG and Samsung, as well as Apple’s iPhone whose popularity is more or less a given. It seems that given how intense the competition is, at least as far as the Korean market is concerned, Blackberry will be able to pull themselves out of the region without too much impact to its business. Since Blackberry has not made any official announcement yet, we will be taking this with a grain of salt, but if any of our readers from Korea would like to chime in with their opinion on this, feel free to drop a comment below.

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