If any of you guys have $550,000 to spare, feel free to donate it to us…just kidding! However if you do have $550,000 to spare and if you consider yourself to be a huge gaming aficionado of all games old and new, it seems that one particularly insane eBay auction has recently been spotted where the seller is auctioning off his entire collection of video games for half a million bucks! So what are we talking about here? For starters there are 6,850 games in total, with the majority (save for 70 games) in their boxes, 330 consoles, 307 of which are in their boxes, 220 controllers and 185 accessories. Supposedly some of these games are pretty rare as well, but since we’re not really hardcore gamers we’re finding it a bit hard to pay so much for old video games.

The bad news is that if you are hoping to pick a couple of games off the seller to add to your own collection, you’re out of luck as the seller has stated that the games will be sold as a package instead of piecemeal. In any case you can view the auction on eBay here and while we doubt many of you will be willing to drop $550,000, hopefully some of the photos of the old games and consoles will be able to rekindle some fond memories.

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