We constantly talk about living in a wireless and paperless society, and I do admit, the latter is a whole lot more difficult compared to the former. Well, wireless charging capability is nothing new and has been around for quite some time already with Qi being the most common name that we can think of, but South Korean company LG thinks that there is more than meet the eye for wireless charging. In fact, LG is said to have been greatly encouraged by strong demand for its Nexus 4 flagship smartphone, and intends to apply the wonders of first mover advantage by the possible incorporation of wireless charging technology across its smartphone product range.

Now, this would mean even the entry level models will be beneficiaries of such an initiative, and LG intends to create an unstoppable momentum where wireless charging is concerned. Do you think that this initiative by LG will take off in the long run, or will it be a failed endeavor?

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