Good news for cycling enthusiasts. Open Sight is a GPS device for cyclists who use their conventional devices like smartphones and GPS devices.  With a conventional device, the rider has to take their eyes off the road to look up directions, but not with this new conceptual GPS device. Open Sight comes with a directional line which will guide the rider on their journey. “The Open Sight GPS beams out powerful directional laser arrows that are visible even during the day.

So basically you end up concentrating on your path rather than consulting the GPS interface for directions.” This device will literally illuminate the way, instead of the need for looking at the GPS device, thereby reducing the number of distractions for the rider and other people.  The laser beam could be a safer solution for cycling in evening and night as well, since the added light will give drivers heads up of the cyclist approaching as well.  The device will be kinetic powered, by the rider peddling during the journey. This device could account for a very safe journey for cycling enthusiasts. Would you like to switch to Open Sight if it becomes available ?

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