Going to the doctor to get a check up can be a pain since you’ll need to inform your job you’ll be coming in late, spend a good portion of your day with genuinely sick people and receive a big, fat bill just to be told that you’re healthy. Why bother going through all that trouble when you could have your smartphone tell you how you’re doing by analyzing your urine.

UChek is being touted as an urinalysis app for the masses as you’ll be able to tinkle your way to learning more about your body past the morning routine of looking in the mirror. The application is looking to simplify the process or a urinalysis in an affordable way as you’ll be able to dip a chemical strip into your 5 gallon bucket filled with urine to then take a picture of the strip with your smartphone. UChek will be able to quickly analyze the strip to produce an accurate and easy-to-understand result.

UChek is currently going through testing phases in a Mumbai hospital, but is currently awaiting approval from Apple to possibly be allowed in its App Store. If it receives Apple’s approval, UChek will sell for $99, but you’ll need to purchase chemical strips for $20 as urinating on a restaurant napkin isn’t currently supported.

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