The analog clock will never go out of vogue for sure, but to turn it into an art piece will definitely require a fair amount of creative juices as well as resourcefulness. Case in point, the A Million Times project is an art installation by Stockholm-based studio Humans since 1982. You can say that A Million Times was inspired by their previous work, the Clock Clock project that boasted of two dozen analog clocks which functioned as a single unit. This time around, the A Million Times project will see the use of 288 clocks, and all of them are controlled by custom software on an iPad.

All 288 clocks will move and ripple in order to create art that is different, in addition to telling the time and spell out words, if it needs be. The undertaking is definitely an enormous one, but there is nothing quite like sheer grit and determination to see things through. It is always interesting to see how the contrasting black hands on the white faces move in order to create numbers, spell out words and form shapes.

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