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Xiaomi Mi 11 Gets Disassembled And Transformed Into A Mechanical Dragon
The Xiaomi Mi 11 on the surface appears to be a smartphone, but could there be something else lurking under the surface? Could the phone be more than what it appears to be? In a video uploaded to Xiaomi’s Weibo account, the company has revealed that the Mi 11 is actually a mechanical dragon in disguise!

MIT’s Art AI Finds Connections Between Paintings We Did Not Know Existed
Are there such things as a truly unique piece of artwork? After all, artists derive their inspiration from all kinds of things, so sometimes subconsciously, they might have created a piece of artwork that could resemble something else without them knowing, and it is this connection that MIT’s AI is able to sniff out.

Google Has A New App That Can Decode Hieroglyphics
Communication comes in all forms. These days the written language is pretty much how we communicate with each other, but back in the day, people used images to communicate with each other. One of the more prolific methods that most might know of would be in the form of the Egyptian’s use of hieroglyphics.

The COVID-19 Virus Outbreak Has Not Stopped Banksy From ‘Working’ From Home
With the COVID-19 virus outbreak forcing people to stay at home, we imagine that some people are no doubt going stir-crazy. However, just because you are stuck at home it doesn’t mean that you cannot be productive. Take a look at artist Banksy, known for his thought-provoking political graffiti that can be found around the world.


Google’s AI Can Transform Your Photos Into The Style Of Famous Artists
Each artist has their own distinct style. This is what makes art in general unique, although in the art world, there are certain styles that seem to be more popular than others. Of course, not all of us are able to mimic the styles of another artist, but Google wants to help with a new feature they’re introducing in its Arts & Culture app.

Samsung Brings More Artwork To Its ‘Frame’ TVs
When you walk into a room or a home, it is obvious where the TV is because of the way the TV is designed, it is pretty obvious what it is. However earlier this year, Samsung took the wraps off their new Frame TV that was designed to look as if it was a piece of artwork hanging on the wall, thanks largely to its bezels and overall design that […]

Google Uses Augmented Reality To Put An Art Gallery In Your Pocket
If you love art then you know that there are many art galleries in the world that you definitely need to visit. Unfortunately due to time and financial constraints, not all of us can afford to travel the world and visit all the famous art galleries, but this is where Google wants to help by launching a new feature called the Pocket Gallery.

Banksy Hides Shredder In Painting, Shreds Drawing After It Was Sold
Banksy is an artist that many might be familiar with, but yet is an artist that almost no one knows anything about. For those unfamiliar, some of Banksy’s more popular pieces includes a 2006 painting Girl With Red Balloon, a popular design that some of you might have seen done as a tattoo or found as graffitti.

Google Uses AI To Identify Photos It Thinks We Like
What makes a good photo? To some it could be the technicality of the shot, where the subject is perfectly exposed, edges are sharp where they need to be, and white balance is accurate. To others a good photo could be about the composition, the juxtaposition of the subject on the background, the use of contrasting colors, and so on.

Japanese Artist Uses Microsoft Excel To Create Amazing Works Of Art
Using any piece of software fully and properly is a skill of its own. In fact some are so well-versed with certain pieces of software that they can go above and beyond what one would normally expect. For example we’ve seen how the humble Paint app bundled with Windows has resulted in some breathtaking art pieces.

AI Used To Spot Art Forgeries By Looking At Brushstrokes
To the untrained eye, spotting an art forgery would be an impossible task, but that’s what art experts are there for, right? Unfortunately it seems that sometimes even experts can get stumped, and that’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play, which is what researchers from Rutgers University and the Atelier for Restoration & Research of Paintings in the Netherlands have developed (via MIT Technology Review).

Etsy Launches New ‘Etsy Studio’ For Craft Supplies
Many of you guys are probably familiar with Etsy, the online shopping platform that is geared more towards shoppers and sellers who are interested in handcrafted items and art. However it seems that the company has decided to branch out and have announced the launch of a new platform: Etsy Studio.

Line-us Is A Robot That Recreates Your Digital Drawings In Real-Life
Creating a piece of art or drawing digitally and printing it isn’t exactly a new process. However depending on the quality of your printer, ink, and paper, sometimes the reproduction isn’t quite the same and more often than not, the feel is lost in the process. However that could change thanks to a little robot called Line-us.

Philippe Starck & Jerome Olivet Design The Smartphone Of The Future
In the past our electronic gadgets weren’t much to look at. For the most part they were functional but their form wasn’t necessarily what you would call eye-catching. Fast forward to more modern times, design is a huge part in our decisions as to whether or not we should purchase a particular product.

Tech Meets Art As Dancers Don Smart Gloves At The Spring Festival Gala
In the past technology would typically be associated with “boring” looking devices, like huge chunk computers and monitors that come in dull colors like black or beige. However these days we’re starting to see how tech can be fashionable or artsy, especially with artists now collaborating with tech companies to make that a reality.

This Device Can Identify Fonts And Colors In Real Life
Have you ever read a brochure or a signboard and wondered what font it used? Or have you ever looked at nature and wonder how you could achieve similar colors when drawing digitally? We suppose there are some of us who have a knack for these kinds of things, but for those who don’t, you’re in luck (sort of).

Tattoo Artist Has A Tattoo Machine For A Prosthetic Arm
As we have seen in the past, it doesn’t matter if you’re blind, deaf, or missing certain limbs. If you truly desire to create art, you will find a way to do so. Such is the case with JC Sheitan Tenet who is a tattoo artist who unfortunately lost his lower right arm 22 years ago. Fortunately for Tenet, he recently acquired a prosthetic arm that also doubles as a […]

Google Has A Hi-Res ‘Art Camera’ That Helps Preserve Artwork
Thanks to technology, cataloguing great works of art can now be done digitally, meaning that information can be scanned and kept in digital format where it is easier to maintain and to share. Google wants to help do their part as well which is why the company has created a hi-res Art Camera that helps scan artwork for safekeeping.

Pinpic Is The Uber For Photographers
Have you ever gone on holiday and brought a professional camera in hopes of landing some stunning travel photos, only to come back and realize that you would have been just as well off using your smartphone’s camera? If you have, you’re not alone, but in the future a service by the name of Pinpic could be the answer to that problem.

Cruelty-Free Trophy Animal Is A Novelty
Back in the less enlightened days of mankind, trophy hunting and poaching were not condemned, but rather, admired and is more often than not a sign of the upper “class”, so to speak. Thankfully, the threat of extinction as well as realization that trophy hunting does nothing other than to inflate one’s ego has brought about a temperance of one’s greed, as opposed to flimsy excuses of survival or having […]