Image credit – Concha García Zaera

It is obvious that compared to more professional based tools like Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft’s Paint doesn’t even come close. However, does that mean it’s a completely useless tool? Hardly. In fact, 91-year-old grandma Concha García Zaera will undoubtedly put those hater and doubters to rest with her art pieces.

According to a report from Digital Synopsis, Zaera started to use Paint about 12 years ago when her children gifted her a computer. As her husband was sick, she spent a lot of time at home taking care of him. She had initially attempted to take art classes but was unable to practice with real paint, so she took to Paint to practice.

She initially used photos from the postcards her husband used to send her as references, and over time, she has put together some very beautiful pieces of art that are shockingly detailed. She has also managed to amass quite a following on Instagram, a little over 300,000 at this time of writing, where she shares her artwork.

If anything, this goes to show that just like other software, Paint is just a tool and it’s up to the user to make use of it, which we reckon Zaera has done wonderfully. Do head on over to her Instagram page if you’d like to see more of her art and give her a follow if you like what you see!

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